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§ 74.533 - Remote control and unattended operation.

(a) Aural broadcast STL and intercity relay stations may be operated by remote control provided that such operation is conducted in accordance with the conditions listed below:

(1) The remote control system must provide adequate monitoring and control functions to permit proper operation of the station.

(2) The remote control system must be designed, installed, and protected so that the transmitter can only be activated or controlled by persons authorized by the licensee.

(3) The remote control system must prevent inadvertent transmitter operation due to malfunctions in circuits between the control point and transmitter.

(b) Aural broadcast auxiliary stations may be operated unattended subject to the following provisions:

(1) The transmitter shall be provided with adequate safeguards to prevent improper operation of the equipment.

(2) The transmitter installation shall be adequately protected against tampering by unauthorized persons.

(3) Whenever an unattended aural broadcast auxiliary station is used, appropriate observations must be made at the receiving end of the circuit as often as necessary to ensure proper station operation. However, an aural broadcast STL (and any aural broadcast microwave booster station) associated with a radio or TV broadcast station operated by remote control may be observed by monitoring the broadcast station's transmitted signal at the remote control or ATS monitoring point.

(c) The FCC may notify the licensee to cease or modify operation in the case of frequency usage disputes, interference or similar situations where such action appears to be in the public interest, convenience and necessity.

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