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§ 74.537 - Temporary authorizations.

(a) Special temporary authority may be granted for aural broadcast STL or intercity relay station operation which cannot be conducted in accordance with § 74.24. Such authority will normally be granted only for operations of a temporary nature. Where operation is seen as likely on a continuing annual basis, an application for a regular authorization should be submitted.

(b) A request for special temporary authority for the operation of an aural broadcast STL or an intercity relay station must be made in accordance with the procedures of § 1.931(b) of this chapter.

(c) All requests for special temporary authority of an aural broadcast auxiliary stations must include full particulars including: licensee's name and address, facility identification number of the associated broadcast station(s), call letters of the aural broadcast STL or intercity relay station, if assigned, type and manufacturer of equipment, effective isotropic radiated power, emission, frequency or frequencies proposed for use, commencement and termination date and location of the proposed operation, and purpose for which request is made including any particular justification.

(d) A request for special temporary authorization shall specify a frequency or frequencies consistent with the provisions of § 74.502. However, in the case of events of widespread interest and importance which cannot be transmitted successfully on these frequencies, frequencies assigned to other services may be requested upon a showing that operation thereon will not cause interference to established stations. In no case will operation of an aural broadcast STL or intercity relay station be authorized on frequencies employed for the safety of life or property.

(e) When the transmitting equipment utilized is not licensed to the user, the user shall nevertheless have full control over the use of the equipment during the period it is operated.

(f) Special temporary authorization to permit operation of aural broadcast STL or intercity relay stations or systems pending FCC action on an application for regular authority will normally not be granted.

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