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§ 74.603 - Sound channels.

(a) The frequencies listed in § 74.602(a) may be used for the simultaneous transmission of the picture and sound portions of TV broadcast programs and for cue and order circuits, either by means of multiplexing or by the use of a separate transmitter within the same channel. When multiplexing of a TV STL station is contemplated, consideration should be given to the requirements of § 73.687 of this Chapter regarding the overall system performance requirements. Applications for new TV pickup, TV STL, TV relay and TV translator relay stations shall clearly indicate the nature of any mutliplexing proposed. Multiplexing equipment may be installed on licensed equipment without authority of the FCC, provided the installation of such apparatus on a TV STL station shall not result in degradation of the overall system performance of the TV broadcast station below that permitted by § 73.687 of this chapter.

(b) [Reserved]

(c) Aural STL or intercity relay stations licensed as of July 10, 1970, to operate in the frequency band 942-947 MHz, may continue to so operate pending a decision as to their disposition through a future rule making proceeding.

(d) Remote pickup broadcast stations may be used in conjunction with television pickup stations for the transmission of the aural portion of television programs or events that occur outside a television studio and for the transmission of cues, orders, and other related communications necessary thereto. The rules governing remote pickup broadcast stations are contained in Subpart D of this part.

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