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§ 74.604 - Interference avoidance.

(a) [Reserved]

(b) Where two or more licensees are assigned a common channel for TV pickup, TV STL, or TV relay purposes in the same area and simultaneous operation is contemplated, they shall take such steps as may be necessary to avoid mutual interference, including consultation with the local coordination committee, if one exists. If a mutual agreement to this effect cannot be reached, the Commission must be notified and it will take such action as may be necessary, including time sharing arrangements, to assure an equitable distribution of available frequencies.

(c) For those interference disputes brought to the Commission for resolution, TV broadcast auxiliary channels will have the following priority for purposes of interference protection:

(1) All fixed links for full service broadcast stations and cable systems.

(2) TV and CARS pickup stations.

(3) Fixed or mobile stations serving translator or low power TV stations.

(4) Backup facilities; TV pickup stations used outside a licensee's local service area.

(5) Any transmission, pursuant to § 74.631(f), that does not involve the delivery of program material to a licensee's associated TV broadcast station.

(d) Interference between two stations having the same priority shall be resolved in favor of the station licensed first on a particular path.

[48 FR 17091, Apr. 21, 1983, as amended at 68 FR 12769, Mar. 17, 2003]