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§ 74.798 - Digital television transition notices by broadcasters.

(a) Each low power television, TV translator and Class A television station licensee or permittee must air an educational campaign about the transition from analog broadcasting to digital television (DTV).

(b) Stations that have already terminated analog service and begun operating in digital prior to effective date of this rule shall not be subject to this requirement.

(c) Stations with the technical ability to locally-originate programming must air viewer notifications at a time when the highest number of viewers is watching. Stations have the discretion as to the form of these notifications.

(d) Stations that lack the technical ability to locally-originate programming, or find that airing of viewer notifications would pose some sort of a hardship, may notify their viewers by some other reasonable means, e.g. publication of a notification in a local newspaper. Stations have discretion as to the format and time-frame of such local notification.

[76 FR 44829, July 27, 2011]