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§ 301.115 - Spectrum Pipeline Plans.

(a) Submission of Spectrum Pipeline Plan. A Federal Entity that requests payment from OMB as provided in section 118(g) of the NTIA Organization Act (47 U.S.C. 928(g)) must submit a plan to the Technical Panel for approval.

(b) Contents of Spectrum Pipeline Plan. A Spectrum Pipeline Plan submitted in accordance with this section must describe activities for research and development, engineering studies, economic analyses, activities with respect to systems, or other planning activities intended to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the spectrum use of Federal Entities in order to make available frequencies for reallocation for non-Federal use or shared Federal and non-Federal use, or a combination thereof, for auction in accordance with such reallocation. Activities with respect to systems that improve the efficiency or effectiveness of the spectrum use of Federal Entities shall include:

(1) Systems that have increased functionality or that increase the ability of a Federal Entity to accommodate spectrum sharing with non-Federal entities;

(2) Systems that consolidate functions or services that have been provided using separate systems; or

(3) Non-spectrum technology or systems.

(c) Review by Technical Panel - (1) Deadline for approval. Not later than 120 days after a Spectrum Pipeline Plan has been submitted to the Technical Panel in accordance with this section, the Technical Panel shall approve or disapprove such plan.

(2) Criteria for Review. As part of its review, the Technical Panel shall consider whether:

(i) The activities that the Federal Entity will conduct with the payment will:

(A) Increase the probability of relocation from or sharing of Federal spectrum;

(B) Facilitate an auction intended to occur not later than 8 years after the payment; and

(C) Increase the net expected auction proceeds in an amount not less than the time value of the amount of the payment.

(ii) The transfer will leave sufficient amounts in the Spectrum Relocation Fund for the other purposes of such fund.

[81 FR 3338, Jan. 21, 2016]