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§ 23.73 - What requirements apply to privately-owned or leased terminal buildings?

(a) If you are a recipient who is required to implement an ACDBE program on whose airport there is a privately-owned or leased terminal building that has concessions, or any portion of such a building, this section applies to you.

(b) You must pass through the applicable requirements of this part to the private terminal owner or lessee via your agreement with the owner or lessee or by other means. You must ensure that the terminal owner or lessee complies with the requirements of this part.

(c) If your airport is a primary airport, you must obtain from the terminal owner or lessee the goals and other elements of the ACDBE program required under this part. You must incorporate this information into your concession plan and submit it to the FAA in accordance with this part.

(d) If the terminal building is at a non-primary commercial service airport or general aviation airport or reliever airport, you must ensure that the owner complies with the requirements in § 23.21(e).