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§ 29.401 - What funds must the Department transfer to a Tribe in a funding agreement?

(a) Subject to the terms of a funding agreement, the Department must transfer to a Tribe all the funds provided for in the funding agreement.

(b) The Department must provide funds for periods covered by a joint resolution adopted by Congress making continuing appropriations and authorization extensions, to the extent permitted by such resolutions. The Department will defer payment of funds to the Tribe if the period of continuing appropriations is less than 35 days.

(c) To the extent a Tribe elects to include the following funds in its funding agreement, the Department will include the amount equal to:

(1) The amount awarded to the Tribe for any discretionary or competitive grant;

(2) The amount transferred to the Tribe by a State;

(3) The sum of the funds that the Tribe would otherwise receive in accordance with a funding formula or other allocation method set forth in title 23 of the U.S. Code or chapter 53 of title 49 of the U.S. Code; and

(4) Such additional amounts as the Department determines equal the amounts that would have been withheld, if any, for the costs of the Bureau of Indian Affairs to administer the program or project on behalf of the Tribe.