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§ 29.414 - What limitations apply to Department actions related to transfer of funds associated with PSFAs?

The Department will not:

(a) Fail or refuse to transfer to a Tribe its full share of funds due under the Program, except as required by Federal law;

(b) Withhold portions of such funds for transfer over a period of years;

(c) Reduce the amount of funds identified for transfer in a funding agreement to make funding available for self-governance monitoring or administration by the Department;

(d) Reduce the amount of funds included in a funding agreement in subsequent years, except pursuant to:

(1) A reduction in appropriations from the previous fiscal year or a change in the funding formula;

(2) A congressional directive in legislation or accompanying report;

(3) A Tribal authorization;

(4) A change in the amount of pass-through funds;

(5) Completion of a project, activity, or program for which discretionary or competitive grant funds were provided;

(6) Expenditure of all discretionary or competitive grant funds authorized by the Department under separate statutory authorities for an eligible project, activity, or program; or

(7) A final decision by the Department pursuant to subpart I to terminate a compact or funding agreement (or portions thereof) due to a finding of gross mismanagement or imminent jeopardy.

(e) Reduce the amount of funds identified in a funding agreement to pay for Federal functions, including Federal pay costs, Federal employee retirement benefits, automated data processing, technical assistance, and monitoring of activities under the Program, except that such prohibition is inapplicable when Congress authorizes the Department to set aside a portion of the funds for Department project monitoring and oversight related functions; or

(f) Reduce the amount of funds required under the Program to pay for costs of Federal personnel displaced by compacts and funding agreements.