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§ 29.800 - When can the Department reassume a compact or funding agreement?

The Department may terminate and reassume a compact or funding agreement (or portion thereof) when the Department makes a specific finding, in writing, to a Tribe, that the Department has found that there is:

(a) Imminent jeopardy to a trust asset, natural resources, or public health and safety that is caused by an act or omission of the Tribe and that arises out of a failure by the Tribe to carry out the compact or funding agreement; or

(b) Gross mismanagement with respect to funds included in a funding agreement, as determined by the Department in consultation with the Office of the Inspector General, as appropriate. Gross mismanagement means a significant, clear, and convincing violation of compact, funding agreement, or regulatory or statutory requirements applicable to Federal funds included in a compact and funding agreement that results in a significant reduction of funds available for the PSFA carried out by the Tribe.