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§ 29.802 - What process must the Department follow before termination of a compact or funding agreement (or portion thereof)?

Except as provided in § 29.805, prior to a termination becoming effective, the Department must:

(a) Notify the Tribe in writing by any method that provides receipt of the findings required under § 29.800;

(b) Request specific corrective action within a reasonable period, no less than 45 days, to correct the conditions that may result in the Department's termination of a compact or funding agreement (or portion thereof);

(c) To the extent feasible and if requested, provide technical assistance to assist the Tribe in overcoming the conditions that led to the findings described under paragraph (a) of this section. Technical assistance may take the form of feedback, review, and other assistance requested, as appropriate; and

(d) Provide an opportunity for a hearing on the record in accordance with Subpart J of this part.