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§ 29.805 - When can the Department immediately terminate a compact or funding agreement (or portion thereof)?

(a) The Department may immediately terminate a compact or funding agreement (or a portion thereof) if:

(1) The Department makes a finding of imminent substantial and irreparable jeopardy to a trust asset, natural resource, or public health and safety; and

(2) The jeopardy arises out of a failure to carry out the compact or funding agreement.

(b) The Department must provide notice of immediate termination by any method that provides receipt. The notice must set forth the findings that support the Department's determination, advise the Tribe whether it will be reimbursed for any closeout costs incurred after the termination, request the return of any property, and advise the Tribe of its right to a hearing pursuant to § 29.925. Concurrently, the Department must notify the Office of Hearings that the Department intends to immediately terminate a compact or funding agreement. Pursuant to 23 U.S.C. 207(f)(2)(E) and § 29.928, the Department has the burden of proof in any hearing or appeal of an immediate termination.