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§ 30.17 - Waivers.

(a) The Secretary may waive the restrictions imposed by section 115 of the Airport Safety Act on the use of a product or service in a project if the Secretary determines that:

(1) Application of the restriction to such product, service, or project would not be in the public interest;

(2) Products or services of the same class or kind are not produced or offered in the United States, or in any foreign country that is not listed by the U.S.T.R. in sufficient and reasonable available quantities and of a satisfactory quality; or

(3) Exclusion of such product or service from the project would increase the cost of the overall project contract by more than 20 percent.

(b) The President or the Secretary may waive the restrictions imposed by section 109(a) of the Continuing Resolution with respect to an individual contract if the President or the Secretary determines that such action is necessary in the public interest, on a contract-by-contract basis. The Secretary may apply the factors listed in paragraphs (a)(2) and (a)(3) of this section in determining whether a waiver is in the public interest.

(c) The authority of the President or the Secretary to issue waivers may not be delegated. The Department shall publish notice of any waiver granted pursuant to this part by the President or the Secretary in the Federal Register within ten days. The notice shall describe in detail the contract involved, the specific reasons for granting the waiver, and how the waiver meets the criteria of this section.