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§ 33.92 - Applicability of this part and official actions.

(a) This part and all official actions, unless specifically stated otherwise, apply to transactions in any State, territory, or possession of the United States and the District of Columbia.

(b) This part and all official actions apply not only to deliveries to other persons but also include deliveries to affiliates and subsidiaries of a person and deliveries from one branch, division, or section of a single entity to another branch, division, or section under common ownership or control.

(c) This part and its schedules shall not be construed to affect any administrative actions taken by the Department of Transportation, or any outstanding contracts or orders placed pursuant to any of the parts, orders, schedules or delegations of authority previously issued by the Department of Transportation pursuant to authority granted by the President to the Department under in the Defense Production Act. Such actions, contracts, or orders shall continue in full force and effect under this part unless modified or terminated by proper authority.