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§ 38.115 - Interior circulation, handrails and stanchions.

(a) Where provided, handrails or stanchions within the passenger compartment shall be placed to permit sufficient turning and maneuvering space for wheelchairs and other mobility aids to reach a seating location, complying with § 38.125(d) of this part, from an accessible entrance. The diameter or width of the gripping surface of interior handrails and stanchions shall be 1 1/4 inches to 1 1/2 inches or shall provide an equivalent gripping surface. Handrails shall be placed to provide a minimum 1 1/2 inches knuckle clearance from the nearest adjacent surface.

(b) Where provided, handrails and stanchions shall be sufficient to permit safe boarding, on-board circulation, seating and standing assistance, and alighting by persons with disabilities.

(c) At entrances equipped with steps, handrails or stanchions shall be provided in the entrance to the car in a configuration which allows passengers to grasp such assists from outside the car while starting to board, and to continue using such assists throughout the boarding process, to the extent permitted by part 231 of this title.