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§ 41.117 - Buildings built with Federal assistance.

(a) Each DOT Operating Administration assisting in the financing, through Federal grants or loans, or guaranteeing the financing, through loan or mortgage insurance programs, of newly constructed buildings will ensure that any building constructed with such assistance is constructed in accord with seismic standards set out in § 41.120 of this part.

(b) This section applies to new buildings and additions to existing buildings financed in whole or in part through Federal grants or loans administered by DOT Operating Administrations, or through guaranteed financing through loan or mortgage insurance programs administered by DOT Operating Administrations.

(c) Any building constructed with Federal financial assistance, after July 14, 1993 must be designed and constructed in accord with seismic standards approved by the DOT operating Administration under § 41.120 of this part in order to be eligible for Federal financial assistance.

(d) For buildings built with Federal financial assistance, a certification of compliance with the seismic design and construction requirements of this part is required prior to the furnishing of such assistance. Such statements of compliance may include the engineer's and architect's authenticated verifications of seismic design codes, standards, and practices used in the design and construction of the building, construction observation reports, local or state building department plan review documents, or other documents deemed appropriate by the DOT Operating Administration.