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§ 7.41 - When and how are processing fees imposed for records that are made available under subpart B or processed under subpart C of this part?

(a) DOT imposes fees for services that DOT performs for the public under subparts B and C of this part. Fees apply to all required and special services performed by DOT employees, including employees of non-appropriated fund activities, and contractors, if utilized.

(b) DOT may assess a fee for time spent searching for records requested under subpart C even if the search fails to locate records or the records located are determined to be exempt from disclosure. In addition, if records are requested for commercial use, DOT may assess a fee for time spent reviewing any responsive records located to determine whether they are exempt from disclosure.

(c) When a request is made under subpart C by a first-party requester and DOT processes the request under both FOIA and the Privacy Act, DOT determines the fees for records in DOT Privacy Act systems of record in accordance with the Privacy Act (as implemented by DOT regulations at 49 CFR part 10) rather than the FOIA.

(d) When DOT aggregates requests made under subpart C (see § 7.34(d)), DOT apportions fees as set forth in § 7.43(b).

(e) As a special service, DOT may certify copies of records made available under subpart B or released under subpart C, upon request and payment of the applicable fee: with the DOT seal (where authorized) - US $10; or true copy, without seal - US $5. Certified copies can be requested by contacting the applicable FOIA Requester Service Center (see § 7.27) or the DOT Dockets Office identified in § 7.12(b)(1).

(f) DOT makes transcripts of hearings or oral arguments available for inspection only. If transcripts are prepared by a nongovernmental contractor and the contract permits DOT to handle the reproduction of further copies, DOT assesses duplication fees as set forth in § 7.42(d). If the contract for transcription services reserves the sales privilege to the reporting service, any duplicate copies must be purchased directly from the reporting service.

(g) In the interest of making documents of general interest publicly available at as low a cost as possible, DOT arranges alternative sources whenever possible. In appropriate instances, material that is published and offered for sale may be purchased from the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402-0001; U.S. Department of Commerce's National Technical Information Service (NTIS), Springfield, VA 22151; or National Audio-Visual Center, National Archives and Records Administration, Capital Heights, MD 20743-3701.