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§ 89.15 - Regulations and supporting documentation.

(a) Each officer to whom authority is delegated under § 89.5 may promulgate regulations for the exercise of that authority within his or her organization. These regulations shall be revised, as necessary, to conform to any amendments to this part.

(b) Each officer to whom authority is delegated under 89.5 shall furnish the following information to the Assistant Secretary for Administration and the Assistant Secretary for Budget and Programs:

(1) A copy of each redelegation of that authority.

(2) A copy of any implementing regulations governing the exercise of the authority delegated under § 89.5, and any amendments to those regulations.

(c) Each officer or employee to whom the Secretary's authority has been delegated or redelegated, before exercising such authority, shall acquire sufficient documentation to demonstrate that the action taken is in the best interests of the United States. This documentation will be retained with and treated as part of the file concerning the debt.

(d) The failure of any officer or employee to comply with this section does not limit or impair his or her exercise of authority.

[53 FR 51238, Dec. 21, 1988, as amended at 73 FR 57269, Oct. 2, 2008]