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§ 8.11 - Authority to classify information.

(a) Presidential Order of December 29, 2009, “Original Classification Authority” confers upon the Secretary of Transportation the authority to originally classify information as SECRET or CONFIDENTIAL with further authorization to delegate this authority.

(b) The following delegations of authority originally to classify information as “Secret” or “Confidential”, which may not be redelegated, are hereby made:

(1) Office of the Secretary of Transportation. The Deputy Secretary; Assistant Secretary for Administration; Director of Intelligence, Security and Emergency Response; Director of Security.

(2) Federal Aviation Administration. Administrator; Associate Administrator for Security and Hazardous Materials Safety.

(3) Maritime Administration. Administrator.

(c) Although the delegations of authority set out in paragraph (b) of this section are expressed in terms of positions, the authority is personal and is invested only in the individual occupying the position. The authority may not be exercised “by direction of” a designated official. The formal appointment or assignment of an individual to one of the identified positions or a designation in writing to act in the absence of one of these officials, however, conveys the authority to originally classify information as SECRET or CONFIDENTIAL.

(d) Previous delegations and redelegations of authority within the Department of Transportation originally to classify information are hereby rescinded.

[62 FR 23661, May 1, 1997, as amended at 76 FR 19708, Apr. 8, 2011; 81 FR 45981, July 15, 2016]