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§ 8.25 - Personnel Security Review Board.

(a) The Department of Transportation Personnel Security Review Board will, on behalf of the Secretary of Transportation (except in any case in which the Secretary personally makes the decision), make the administratively final decision on an appeal arising in any part of the Department from:

(1) A decision not to grant access to classified information;

(2) A decision to revoke access to classified information; or

(3) A decision under § 8.29 to deny access to classified information.

(b) The Personnel Security Review Board will be composed of:

(1) Two persons appointed by the Assistant Secretary for Administration: One from the Office of Human Resource Management, and one, familiar with personnel security adjudication, from the Office of Security, who will serve as Chair;

(2) One person appointed by the General Counsel, who, in addition to serving as a member of the Board, will provide to the Board whatever legal services it may require;

(3) One person appointed by the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration; and

(4) One person appointed by the Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration.

(5) Any member may designate a representative, meeting the same criteria as the member, with full power to serve in his/her place.

(c) In carrying out its responsibilities to review final decisions to revoke or deny access to classified information, the Board will establish whatever procedures it deems fit.

[62 FR 23661, May 1, 1997, as amended at 81 FR 45981, July 15, 2016]