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§ 92.7 - Notice, hearing, written response and decision.

(a) Except as provided in § 92.9 of this part, each employee from whom the department proposes to offset a debt against the Federal pay of an employee who is indebted to the United States under a program administrated by DOT under these regulations is entitled to receive a minimum of 30 days written notice as described in § 92.11 of this part (see also § 92.21(a)).

(b) Each employee owing a debt to the United States which will be collected by salary offset is entitled to petition for a hearing before collection starts. This petition shall be filed directly with the accounting or finance office of the DOT creditor operating element which shall make appropriate hearing arrangements consistent with law and regulations. The DOT creditor operating element shall provide an explanation of the rights of the employee. If a hearing is provided, the following issues shall be heard:

(1) The determination of the DOT creditor operating element concerning the existence and amount of the debt; and

(2) The terms of the repayment schedule, if not previously established by written agreement between the employee and the DOT creditor operating element. (See § 92.21(c) regarding copy of written decision by hearing officer describing method and amount of salary offset).