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§ 9.15 - Legal proceedings between private litigants: Procedures to request testimony.

(a) Any party seeking the testimony of an employee in a legal proceeding between private litigants, concerning facts within the employee's personal knowledge with regard to matters arising out of the employee's official duties, shall, rather than serving a demand for the testimony, request the testimony at least 30 days before it is intended to be taken or received. The request must be submitted to agency counsel and must include:

(1) The title of the case, docket number, and the court, or otherwise clearly identify the legal proceeding involved;

(2) A statement setting forth the basic facts in the proceeding, such as the type, date, and location of an accident;

(3) A summary of the unresolved issues applicable to the testimony sought;

(4) A summary of the testimony sought and its relevant to the proceeding;

(5) A certification with support, that the information desired is not reasonably available from other sources, including Departmental documents;

(6) Pursuant to § 9.9(d) of this part, an affidavit or certification describing the extent of a search of parties and potential parties and listing the names of the parties and potential parties notified; and

(7) A declaration that the party will not seek expert or opinion testimony from the witness or seek the testimony of the witness at a hearing or trial in the proceeding.

The request shall specify which form of testimony (deposition, affidavit, declaration, or answers to interrogatories) is desired and the date by which it is desired; however, only one form, the one least burdensome to the Department that will provide the needed information, will be permitted for each witness.

(b) The party seeking the testimony shall include with its request for testimony a copy of any prior request(s) made by the same requester to the Department or other agency of the United States for records pertaining to the matter being litigated and of the response (not including the records themselves) to the request(s). The party seeking the testimony shall also comply with any agency counsel request that copies of the records previously disclosed by the Department, or a list of those records, be furnished.

(c) In accordance with the requirement of this section and the general provisions of this part, agency counsel shall notify the requester of the approval or denial of the request. Agency counsel may attach special conditions to its approval.