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§ 9.3 - Definitions.

For purposes of this part:

Department means the Department of Transportation (DOT), including the Office of the Secretary (which encompasses the Office of the Inspector General) and the following operating administrations while they are part of DOT:

(a) The U.S. Coast Guard.

(b) The Federal Aviation Administration.

(c) The Federal Highway Administration.

(d) The Federal Railroad Administration.

(e) The Federal Transit Administration.

(f) The St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation.

(g) The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

(h) The Maritime Administration.

(i) The Research and Special Programs Administration.

(j) Any DOT operating administration established after the effective date of this part.

Legal proceeding means any case or controversy pending before any federal, state, or local court (including grand jury proceedings), any administrative proceeding pending before any federal, state, or local agency, or any legislative proceeding pending before any state or local agency.

Legal proceeding between private litigants means any legal proceeding in which neither the Department of Transportation nor the United States (including any federal agency or officer of the United States in his or her official capacity) is a party.

Employee of the Department or Employee means any current or former officer or employee of the Department; any active duty, retired, or former officer or enlisted member of the Coast Guard; or any current or former contractor (including any corporation or other entity and any employee or subcontractor).

Agency counsel means the General Counsel of the Department or the Chief Counsel of any operating administration of the Department concerned, any person to whom the General Counsel or Chief Counsel has delegated authority, or any person who is authorized to represent the Department in a specific legal proceeding.

Testimony means any written or oral statement by a witness, including depositions, answers to interrogatories, affidavits, declarations, and statements at a hearing or trial.