U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Sep 29, 2020

§ 385.607T - FMCSA action on the application.

(a) FMCSA will review and act on each application submitted under this subpart in accordance with the procedures set out in this part.

(b) FMCSA will validate the accuracy of information and certifications provided in the application by checking, to the extent available, data maintained in databases of the governments of the country where the carrier's principal place of business is located and the United States.

(c) Pre-authorization safety audit. Every non-North America-domiciled motor carrier that applies under this part must satisfactorily complete an FMCSA-administered safety audit before FMCSA will grant new entrant registration to operate in the United States. The safety audit is a review by FMCSA of the carrier's written procedures and records to validate the accuracy of information and certifications provided in the application and determine whether the carrier has established or exercises the basic safety management controls necessary to ensure safe operations. FMCSA will evaluate the results of the safety audit using the criteria in the appendix to this subpart.

(d) An application of a non-North America-domiciled motor carrier requesting for-hire operating authority under part 365 of this subchapter may be protested under § 365.109T(b). Such a carrier will be granted new entrant registration after successful completion of the pre-authorization safety audit and the expiration of the protest period, provided the application is not protested. If a protest to the application is filed with FMCSA, new entrant registration will be granted only if FMCSA denies or rejects the protest.

(e) If FMCSA grants new entrant registration to the applicant, it will assign a distinctive USDOT Number that identifies the motor carrier as authorized to operate in the United States. In order to initiate operations in the United States, a non-North America-domiciled motor carrier with new entrant registration must:

(1) Have its surety or insurance provider file proof of financial responsibility in the form of certificates of insurance, surety bonds, and endorsements, as required by §§ 387.7(e)(2), 387.31(e)(2), and 387.301T of this subchapter, as applicable; and

(2) File a hard copy of, or have its process agent(s) electronically submit, Form BOC-3 - Designation of Agents - Motor Carriers, Brokers and Freight Forwarders, as required by part 366 of this subchapter.

(f) A non-North America-domiciled motor carrier must comply with all provisions of the safety monitoring system in subpart I of this part, including successfully passing North American Standard commercial motor vehicle inspections at least every 90 days and having safety decals affixed to each commercial motor vehicle operated in the United States as required by § 385.703(c).

(g) FMCSA may not re-designate a non-North America-domiciled carrier's registration from new entrant to permanent prior to 18 months after the date its USDOT Number is issued and subject to successful completion of the safety monitoring system for non-North America-domiciled carriers set out in subpart I of this part. Successful completion includes obtaining a Satisfactory safety rating as the result of a compliance review.

[82 FR 5306, Jan. 17, 2017]