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§ 250.1 - Form and content of application.

The application shall include, in the order indicated and by section numbers and letters corresponding to those used in this part, the following:

(a) As to the Trustee:

(1) Full and correct name and principal business address.

(2) The name and address of the reorganization court under the direction of which the Trustee is acting and the docket number of the proceeding.

(3) Name, title, and address of the person to whom correspondence regarding the application should be addressed.

(4) Brief description of the loan and its purpose or purposes, including statements of

(i) The total amount of the loan and the amount of the guarantee being sought,

(ii) The purpose or purposes for which the loan proceeds will be used,

(iii) The maturity date or dates,

(iv) The date or dates on which the Trustee desires the funds to be made available, and

(v) The rate of interest.

(5) Statement, in summary form, showing financial obligations to or claims against the United States or obligations for which the United States is guarantor, if any, by applicant or any applicant's parent as to the date of the application, including:

(i) Status of any claims under litigation; and

(ii) Any other debts or credits existing between the applicant and the United States, showing the department or agency involved in such loans, claims and other debts;

(6)(i) Statement on behalf of the Trustee that the Trustee has endeavored to obtain a loan or loans for the purpose or purposes proposed without a guarantee by the Secretary, but has not been able to obtain a loan therefor upon reasonable terms, or if only upon terms considered unreasonable, a statement setting forth such terms and describing any facts relevant thereto.

(ii) Information as to the Trustee's efforts to obtain the needed financing without a guarantee thereof by the Secretary, and as to the results of such efforts. (See § 250.2(b)(1) as to exhibits on this subject.)

(7) Full and complete statement, together with independent supporting evidence, where feasible, concerning the effect that cessation of essential transportation services of carrier would have on the public welfare.

(8) Full and complete statement, together with supporting evidence, where possible, demonstrating that cessation of essential transportation services by applicant carrier is imminent.

(9) Full and complete statement, together with supporting evidence, if possible, that there is no other practicable means of obtaining funds to meet payroll and other expenses necessary to provide essential transportation services other than the issuance of Trustee certificates. Such statements shall include in detail a complete listing of all nontransportation assets of the carrier and corporate affiliates, or subsidiaries having a fair market value of not less than $50,000, together with the amount of encumbrances thereon, if any, and a statement or plan for the disposition or sale of such assets as a means of obtaining funds necessary for essential transportation services.

(10) Full and complete statement, together with supporting evidence, if possible, demonstrating, with particularity, that the carrier can reasonably be expected to become self sustaining within a reasonable period of time.

(11) Full and complete statement, together with supporting evidence, that the probable value of the assets of the carrier in the event of liquidation provides reasonable protection to the United States.

(b) As to the holder or holders:

(1) Full and correct name and principal business address.

(2) Names and addresses of principal executive officers and directors, or partners.

(3) Reference to applicable provisions of law and the charter or other governing instruments conferring authority to the lender to make the loan and to accept the proposed obligation.

(4) Brief statement of the circumstances and negotiations leading to the agreement by the lender to make the proposed loan, including the name and address of any person or persons, or employees of the carrier, representing or purporting to represent the Trustee in connection with such negotiations.

(5) Brief statement of the nature and extent of any affiliation or business relationship between the lender and any of its directors, partners, or principal executive officers, on the one hand, and, on the other, the carrier and any of its directors, partners, or principal executive officers, or any person or persons whose names are required to be furnished under paragraph (b)(4) of this section.

(6) Full and complete statement of all sums paid or to be paid and of any other consideration given or to be given by lender in connection with the proposed loan, including with respect thereto:

(i) Name and address of each person to whom the payment is made or to be made,

(ii) The amount of the cash payment, or the nature and value of other consideration,

(iii) The exact nature of the services rendered or to be rendered,

(iv) Any condition upon the obligation of the lender to make such payment, and

(v) The nature of any affiliation, association, or prior business relationship between any person named in answer to paragraph (6)(i) of this section and the lender or any of its directors, partners, or officers.

(c) As to the impact of the financing on the environment. (1) Summary statement of the use to which funds will be put and any anticipated impact on the environment. After reviewing this submission, the Administrator retains the right to require the Trustee to submit a detailed assessment of the financing's impact on the environment in a general format to be supplied by the Administrator.

(2) [Reserved]

[44 FR 23851, Apr. 23, 1979]