U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: May 27, 2020

§ 260.19 - Preapplication meeting.

Potential Applicants may request a meeting with the FRA Associate Administrator for Railroad Development to discuss the nature of the project being considered. Applicants must be prepared to provide at least the following information:

(a) Applicant's name, address, and contact person;

(b) Name of the proposed infrastructure partner(s), if any, including the identification of potential amounts of funding from each;

(c) Amount of the direct loan or loan guarantee request, and a description of the technical aspects of the project including a map of the existing railroad lines with the location of the project indicated;

(d) Brief description and estimate of the economic impact, including future demand for service, improvements that can be achieved, the project's relation to the priorities listed in § 260.7, along with any feasibility, market or other studies that may have been done as attachments;

(e) Amount of Applicant's equity and a description of collateral offered, with estimated values, including the basis of such, to be offered as security for the loan;

(f) If applicable, the names and addresses of the Applicant's parent, affiliates, and subsidiary corporations, if any, and a description of the ownership relationship and the level of guarantee, if any, to be offered;

(g) For existing companies, a current balance sheet and an income statement not more than 90 days old and financial statements for the borrower and any parent, affiliates, and subsidiaries for at least the four most recent years; and

(h) Information relevant to the potential environmental impacts of the project in the context of applicable Federal law.