U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jul 05, 2020

§ 262.9 - Criteria for selection of projects.

Applicants must submit evidence sufficient for the FRA to determine whether projects proposed for Federal investment are cost-effective in terms of the benefits achieved in relation to the funds expended. To that end, the FRA will consider the anticipated public and private benefits associated with each rail line relocation or improvement project. In evaluating applications, FRA will consider the following factors in determining whether to grant an award to a State under this part.

(a) The capability of the State to fund the rail line relocation project without Federal grant funding;

(b) The requirement and limitation relating to allocation of grant funds provided in § 262.5;

(c) Equitable treatment of various regions of the United States;

(d) The effects of the rail line, relocated or improved as proposed, on motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic, safety, community quality of life, and area commerce;

(e) The effects of the rail line, relocated as proposed, on the freight rail and passenger rail operations on the line;

(f) Any other factors FRA determines to be relevant to assessing the effectiveness and/or efficiency of the grant application in achieving the goals of the national program, including the level of commitment of non-Federal and/or private funds to a project and the anticipated public and private benefits.