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§ 452.3 - Elements of periodic examinations.

(a) Periodic examinations required by § 452.1 must conform to the following minimum requirements:

(1) Each examination must include a detailed visual inspection for defects such as cracks, failures, corrosion, missing or deteriorated fasteners, and any other safety related deficiency or damage which could place any person in danger. Any such deficiencies disclosed by the examination must be corrected by the owner before the container is continued in service.

(2) Each examination must take into account the particular characteristics of various kinds of containers and materials of construction.

(3) Each examination must be performed by qualified personnel, trained and experienced in the detection of container structural damage.

(4) The examinations must be scheduled so as to allow adequate time for thorough performance.

(5) Each examination must apply owner established or industry accepted pass/fail criteria to determine whether a container has any deficiency that must be remedied before the container is returned to service.

(b) Examinations must be documented, and the records retained by the owner, until the next examination is completed and recorded. The records must include, in addition to identification of the container, a record of the date of last examination and a means of identifying the examiner. The records must be maintained in an office under the control of the owner and be made available for inspection by the Coast Guard upon demand. If the original records are maintained outside the United States, its territories or possessions, supplementary records must be available in written or data processing form to be produced on demand of the Commandant or his representative.

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