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§ 602.13 - Eligible activities.

(a) An affected recipient may apply for emergency relief funds on behalf of itself as well as affected subrecipients.

(b) Eligible uses of Emergency Relief funds include:

(1) Emergency operations;

(2) Emergency protective measures;

(3) Emergency repairs;

(4) Permanent repairs;

(5) Actual engineering and construction costs on approved projects;

(6) Repair or replacement of spare parts that are the property of an affected recipient or subrecipient and held in the normal course of business that are damaged or destroyed; and

(7) Resilience projects.

(c) Ineligible uses of Emergency Relief funds include:

(1) Heavy maintenance;

(2) Project costs for which the recipient has received funding from another Federal agency;

(3) Project costs for which the recipient has received funding through payments from insurance policies;

(4) Except for resilience projects that have been approved in advance, projects that change the function of the original infrastructure;

(5) Projects for which funds were obligated in an FTA grant prior to the declared emergency or major disaster;

(6) Reimbursements for lost revenue due to service disruptions caused by an emergency or major disaster;

(7) Project costs associated with the replacement or replenishment of damaged or lost material that are not the property of the affected recipient and not incorporated into a public transportation system such as stockpiled materials or items awaiting installation; and

(8) Other project costs FTA determines are not appropriate for the Emergency Relief Program.