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§ 1542.201 - Security of the secured area.

(a) Each airport operator required to have a security program under § 1542.103(a) must establish at least one secured area.

(b) Each airport operator required to establish a secured area must prevent and detect the unauthorized entry, presence, and movement of individuals and ground vehicles into and within the secured area by doing the following:

(1) Establish and carry out measures for controlling entry to secured areas of the airport in accordance with § 1542.207.

(2) Provide for detection of, and response to, each unauthorized presence or movement in, or attempted entry to, the secured area by an individual whose access is not authorized in accordance with its security program.

(3) Establish and carry out a personnel identification system described under § 1542.211.

(4) Subject each individual to employment history verification as described in § 1542.209 before authorizing unescorted access to a secured area.

(5) Train each individual before granting unescorted access to the secured area, as required in § 1542.213(b).

(6) Post signs at secured area access points and on the perimeter that provide warning of the prohibition against unauthorized entry. Signs must be posted by each airport operator in accordance with its security program not later than November 14, 2003.