U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Aug 13, 2020

§ 1150.4 - Information about the proposal.

(a) A description of the proposal and the significant terms and conditions, including consideration to be paid (monetary or otherwise). As exhibit B, copies of all relevant agreements.

(b) Details about the amount of traffic and a general description of commodities.

(c) The purposes of the proposal and an explanation of why the public convenience and necessity require or permit the proposal.

(d) As exhibit C, a map which clearly delineates the area to be served including origins, termini and stations, and cities, counties and States. The map should also delineate principal highways, rail routes and any possible interchange points with other railroads. If alternative routes are proposed for construction, the map should clearly indicate each route.

(e) A list of the counties and cities to be served under the proposal, and whether there is other rail service available to them. The names of the railroads with which the line would connect, and the proposed connecting points; the volume of traffic estimated to be interchanged; and a description of the principal terms of agreements with carriers covering operation, interchange of traffic, division of rates or trackage rights.

(f) The time schedule for consummation or completion of the proposal.

(g) If a new line is proposed for construction:

(1) The approximate area to be served by the line.

(2) The nature or type of existing and prospective industries (e.g., agriculture, manufacturing, mining, warehousing, forestry) in the area, with general information about the age, size, growth potential and projected rail use of these industries.

(3) Whether the construction will cross another rail line and the name of the railroad(s) owning the line(s) to be crossed. If the crossing will be accomplished with the permission of the railroad(s), include supporting agreements. If a Board determination under 49 U.S.C. 10901(d)(1) will be sought, include such requests.