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§ 1151.3 - Contents of application.

(a) The initial application and all competing applications must include the following information in the form of verified statements:

(1) Identification of the line to be purchased including:

(i) The name of the owning carrier; and

(ii) The exact location of the line to be purchased including milepost designations, origin and termination points, stations located on the line, and cities, counties and States traversed by the line.

(2) Identification of applicant including:

(i) The applicant's name and address;

(ii) The name, address, and phone number of the representative to receive correspondence concerning this application;

(iii) A description of applicant's affiliation with any railroad; and

(iv) If the applicant is a corporation, the names and addresses of its officers and directors.

(3) Information sufficient to demonstrate that the applicant is a financially responsible person. In this regard, the applicant must demonstrate its ability:

(i) To pay the higher of the net liquidation value (NLV) or going concern value (GCV) of the line; and

(ii) To cover expenses associated with providing services over the line (including, but not limited to, operating costs, rents, and taxes) for at least the first 3 years after acquisition of the line.

(4) An estimate of the NLV and the GCV of the line and evidence in support of these estimates.

(5) An offer to purchase the line at the higher of the two estimates submitted pursuant to paragraph (a)(4) of this section.

(6) The dates for the proposed period of operation of the line covered by the application.

(7) An operating plan that identifies the proposed operator; attaches any contract that the applicant may have with the proposed operator; describes in detail the service that is to be provided over the line, including all interline connections; and demonstrates that adequate transportation will be provided over the line for at least 3 years from the date of acquisition.

(8) A description of the liability insurance coverage carried by applicant or any proposed operator. If trackage rights are requested, the insurance must be at a level sufficient to indemnify the owning railroad against all personal and property damage that may result from negligence on the part of the operator in exercising the trackage rights.

(9) Any preconditions (such as assuming a share of any subsidy payments) that will be placed on shippers in order for them to receive service, and a statement that if the application is approved, no further preconditions will be placed on shippers without Board approval. (This statement will be binding upon applicant if the application is approved.)

(10) The name and address of any person(s) who will subsidize the operation of the line.

(11) A statement that the applicant will seek a finding by the Board that the public convenience and necessity permit or require acquisition, or a statement that the line is currently in category 1 or 2 of the owning railroad's system diagram map.

(i) If the applicant seeks a finding of public convenience and necessity, the application must contain detailed evidence that permits the Board to find that:

(A) The rail carrier operating the line refused within a reasonable time to make the necessary efforts to provide adequate service to shippers who transport traffic over the line;

(B) The transportation over the line is inadequate for the majority of shippers who transport traffic over the line;

(C) The sale of the line will not have a significantly adverse financial effect on the rail carrier operating the line;

(D) The sale of the line will not have an adverse effect on the overall operational performance of the rail carrier operating the line; and

(E) The sale of the line will be likely to result in improved railroad transportation for shippers who transport traffic over the line.

(ii) If the applicant seeks a finding that the line is currently in category 1 or 2 of the owning carrier's system diagram map, the relevant portion of the current map must be attached to the application.

(12) A statement detailing applicant's election of exemption from the provisions of Title 49, United States Code, and a statement that if the application is approved, no further exemptions will be elected. (This statement will be binding upon applicant if the application is approved.)

(13) A description of any trackage rights sought over the owning railroad that are required to allow reasonable interchange or to move power equipment or empty rolling stock between noncontiguous feeder lines operated by the applicant, and an estimate of the reasonable compensation for such rights, including full explanation of how the estimate was reached. The description of the trackage rights shall include the following information: Milepost or other identification for each segment of track; the need for the trackage rights (interchange of traffic, movement of equipment, etc.); frequency of operations; times of operation; any alternative to the use of trackage rights; and any other pertinent data. Trackage rights that are necessary for the interchange of traffic shall be limited to the closest point to the junction with the owning railroad's line that allows the efficient interchange of traffic. A statement shall be included that the applicant agrees to have its train and crew personnel take the operating rules examination of the railroad over which the operating rights are exercised.

(14) If applicant requests Board-prescribed joint rates and divisions in the feeder line proceeding, a description of any joint rate and division agreement must be included in the application. The description must contain the following information:

(i) The railroad(s) involved;

(ii) The estimated revenues that will result from the division(s);

(iii) The total costs of operating the line segment purchased (including any trackage rights fees).

(iv) Information sufficient to allow the Board to determine that the line sought to be acquired carried less than 3 million gross ton-miles of traffic per mile in the preceding calendar year 1 ; and

1 Gross ton-miles are calculated by adding the ton-miles of the cargo and the ton-miles related to the tare (empty) weight of the freight cars used to transport the cargo in the loaded movement. In calculating the gross ton-miles, only those related to the portion of the segment purchased shall be included.

(v) Any other pertinent information.

(15) The extent to which the owning railroad's employees who normally service the line will be used.

(16) A certificate stating that the service requirements of § 1151.2(a) have been met.

(b) Applicant must make copies of the application available to interested parties upon request.

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