U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jul 04, 2020

§ 1655.15 - Taxable distributions.

(a) The Board may declare any unpaid loan principal, plus unpaid interest, to be a taxable distribution from the Plan if:

(1) A participant is in a confirmed nonpay status for a period of one year or more, has not advised the TSP that he or she is serving on active military duty, and payments are not resumed after the participant is notified the loan has been reamortized;

(2) A participant separates from Government service and does not repay the outstanding loan principal and interest in full within the period specified by the notice to the participant from the TSP record keeper explaining the participant's repayment options;

(3) The TSP record keeper advises the participant that there are missing payments and the participant fails to make (by personal check or guaranteed funds) a direct payment of the entire missing amount or repayment in full by the deadline established in accordance with § 1655.14(e);

(4) Any material information provided in accordance with § 1655.10, § 1655.12, or § 1655.18 is found to be false;

(5) With the exception of a loan described in 5 CFR 1620.45, the loan is not repaid in full (including interest due) within five years, in the case of a general purpose loan, or within 15 years, in the case of a residential loan, from the loan issue date; or

(6) The participant dies.

(b) If a taxable distribution occurs in accordance with paragraph (a) of this section, the Board will notify the participant of the amount and date of the distribution. The Board will report the distribution to the Internal Revenue Service as income for the year in which it occurs.

(c) If a participant dies and a taxable distribution occurs in accordance with paragraph (a) of this section, the Board will notify the participant's estate of the amount and date of the distribution. Neither the estate nor any other person, including a beneficiary, may repay the loan of a deceased participant, nor can the funds be returned to the TSP.

(d) If, because of Board or TSP record keeper error, a TSP loan is declared a taxable distribution under circumstances that make such a declaration inconsistent with this part, or inconsistent with other procedures established by the Board or TSP record keeper in connection with the TSP loan program, the taxable distribution will be reversed. The participant will be provided an opportunity to reinstate loan payments or repay in full the outstanding balance on the loan.

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