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§ 611.11 - Soil survey information.

(a) Availability. NRCS disseminates soil survey information to the public by any of the means described in paragraph (d) of this section. NRCS makes soil survey information available as soon as is practicable following field work or other soil survey activity that provides new soil survey information.

(b) Content. Soil survey information conforms with standards and meets the needs identified in the soil survey MOU or work plan as described in § 611.10 of this part. Soil survey information includes:

(1) Soil maps that delineate the location and extent of various soil areas;

(2) Soil characteristics for each of the soil areas shown on soil maps;

(3) Interpretations of the soil characteristics; and

(4) Information about the source, version, and applicability or limitations associated with the soil survey information.

(c) Maintenance. Soil survey information is reviewed on a periodic basis to ensure that the information continues to meet evolving needs.

(d) Distribution. Soil survey information is disseminated to the public through electronically accessible maps and reports, electronic access to data files, or printed documents. To the extent practicable, as limited by commonly accepted technology, soil survey information is disseminated in electronic form.

(e) Resource conservation plan data. Information prepared specifically for use in developing resource conservation plans for soil conservation district cooperators is considered confidential. Soil maps and interpretations prepared for this use will not be made available to others without the consent of the landowner as well as the district governing body. However, soil survey information from which the conservation plan was developed may be disseminated as described in paragraph (a) of this section.