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§ 6937. Inventory of Federal agency hazardous waste facilities
(a) Program requirement; submission; availability; contents
Each Federal agency shall undertake a continuing program to compile, publish, and submit to the Administrator (and to the State in the case of sites in States having an authorized hazardous waste program) an inventory of each site which the Federal agency owns or operates or has owned or operated at which hazardous waste is stored, treated, or disposed of or has been disposed of at any time. The inventory shall be submitted every two years beginning January 31, 1986. Such inventory shall be available to the public as provided in section 6927(b) of this title. Information previously submitted by a Federal agency under section 9603 of this title, or under section 6925 or 6930 of this title, or under this section need not be resubmitted except that the agency shall update any previous submission to reflect the latest available data and information. The inventory shall include each of the following:
(1) A description of the location of each site at which any such treatment, storage, or disposal has taken place before the date on which permits are required under section 6925 of this title for such storage, treatment, or disposal, and where hazardous waste has been disposed, a description of hydrogeology of the site and the location of withdrawal wells and surface water within one mile of the site.
(2) Such information relating to the amount, nature, and toxicity of the hazardous waste in each site as may be necessary to determine the extent of any health hazard which may be associated with any site.
(3) Information on the known nature and extent of environmental contamination at each site, including a description of the monitoring data obtained.
(4) Information concerning the current status of the site, including information respecting whether or not hazardous waste is currently being treated, stored, or disposed of at such site (and if not, the date on which such activity ceased) and information respecting the nature of any other activity currently carried out at such site.
(5) A list of sites at which hazardous waste has been disposed and environmental monitoring data has not been obtained, and the reasons for the lack of monitoring data at each site.
(6) A description of response actions undertaken or contemplated at contaminated sites.
(7) An identification of the types of techniques of waste treatment, storage, or disposal which have been used at each site.
(8) The name and address and responsible Federal agency for each site, determined as of the date of preparation of the inventory.
(b) Environmental Protection Agency program

If the Administrator determines that any Federal agency under subsection (a) is not adequately providing information respecting the sites referred to in subsection (a), the Administrator shall notify the chief official of such agency. If within ninety days following such notification, the Federal agency has not undertaken a program to adequately provide such information, the Administrator shall carry out the inventory program for such agency.

(Pub. L. 89–272, title II, § 3016, as added Pub. L. 98–616, title II, § 244, Nov. 8, 1984, 98 Stat. 3261.)