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§ 1073b. Recurring reports and publication of certain data
(a)Annual Report on Recording of Health Assessment Data in Military Health Records.—The Secretary of Defense shall issue each year a report on the compliance by the military departments with applicable law and policies on the recording of health assessment data in military health records, including compliance with section 1074f(c) of this title. The report shall cover the calendar year preceding the year in which the report is submitted and include a discussion of the extent to which immunization status and predeployment and postdeployment health care data are being recorded in such records.
(b)Publication of Data on Patient Safety, Quality of Care, Satisfaction, and Health Outcome Measures.—
(1) The Secretary of Defense shall publish on a publically available Internet website of the Department of Defense data on all measures that the Secretary considers appropriate that are used by the Department to assess patient safety, quality of care, patient satisfaction, and health outcomes for health care provided under the TRICARE program at each military medical treatment facility. Such data shall include the core quality performance metrics adopted by the Secretary under section 728 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017.
(2) The Secretary shall publish an update to the data published under paragraph (1) not less frequently than once each quarter during each fiscal year.
(3) The Secretary may not include data relating to risk management activities of the Department in any publication under paragraph (1) or update under paragraph (2).
(4) The Secretary shall ensure that the data published under paragraph (1) and updated under paragraph (2) is accessible to the public through the primary Internet website of the Department and the primary Internet website of the military medical treatment facility with respect to which such data applies.
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