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§ 1074l. Notification to Congress of hospitalization of combat wounded members
(a)Notification Required.—The Secretary concerned shall provide notification of the hospitalization of any member of the armed forces evacuated from a theater of combat and admitted to any military medical treatment facility to the appropriate Members of Congress.
(b)Appropriate Members.—In this section, the term “appropriate Members of Congress”, with respect to the member of the armed forces about whom notification is being made, means the Senators representing the State, and the Member, Delegate, or Resident Commissioner of the House of Representatives representing the district, that includes the member’s home of record or a different location as provided by the member.
(c)Consent of Member Required.—The notification under subsection (a) may be provided only with the consent of the member of the armed forces about whom notification is to be made. In the case of a member who is unable to provide consent, information and consent may be provided by next of kin.
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