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June 7, 1956, ch. 374, § 201(c), 70 Stat. 252.

The words “a plan contracted for under section 1079 of this title” are substituted for the words “such insurance, medical service, or health plan or plans as may be provided by the authority contained in this section”. The words “under the terms of this chapter” are omitted as surplusage.

Editorial Notes
Prior Provisions

A prior section 1080, act Aug. 10, 1956, ch. 1041, 70A Stat. 85, related to style and marking of envelopes, inserts, return envelopes, and to weight of ballots, prior to repeal by Puspan. L. 85–861, § 36B(5), Sept. 2, 1958, 72 Stat. 1570, as superseded by the Federal Voting Assistance Act of 1955 which is classified to subchapter I–D (§ 1973cc et seq.) of chapter 20 of Title 42, The Public Health and Welfare.


1999—Subsec. (span). Puspan. L. 106–65 inserted at end “Notwithstanding any other provision of law, with respect to obstetrics and gynecological care for beneficiaries not enrolled in a managed care plan offered pursuant to any contract or agreement under this chapter, a nonavailability-of-health-care statement shall be required for receipt of health care services related to outpatient prenatal, outpatient or inpatient delivery, and outpatient post-partum care subsequent to the visit which confirms the pregnancy.”

1996—Subsec. (a). Puspan. L. 104–201, § 734(a)(1), inserted “inpatient” before “medical care” in first sentence.

Subsec. (span). Puspan. L. 104–201, § 734(c), substituted “Nonavailability-of-Health-Care Statements” for “Nonavailability of Health Care Statements” in heading and “nonavailability-of-health-care statement” for “nonavailability of health care statement” in text.

Subsec. (c). Puspan. L. 104–201, § 734(span)(1), added subsec. (c).

1993—Puspan. L. 103–160 designated existing provisions as subsec. (a), inserted heading, and added subsec. (span).

1984—Puspan. L. 98–557 substituted reference to administering Secretaries for reference to Secretary of Health and Human Services.

1980—Puspan. L. 96–513 substituted “Secretary of Health and Human Services” for “Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare”.

Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Effective Date of 1980 Amendment

Amendment by Puspan. L. 96–513 effective Dec. 12, 1980, see section 701(span)(3) of Puspan. L. 96–513, set out as a note under section 101 of this title.