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§ 1100. Defense Health Program Account
(a)Establishment of Account.—
(1) There is hereby established in the Department of Defense an account to be known as the “Defense Health Program Account”. All sums appropriated to carry out the functions of the Secretary of Defense with respect to medical and health care programs of the Department of Defense shall be appropriated to the account.
(2) Of the total amount appropriated for a fiscal year for programs and activities carried out under this chapter, the amount equal to three percent of such total amount shall remain available for obligation until the end of the following fiscal year.
(b)Obligation of Amounts From Account by Secretary of Defense.—The Secretary of Defense may obligate or expend funds from the account for purposes of conducting programs and activities under this chapter, including contracts entered into under section 1079, 1086, 1092, or 1097 of this title, to the extent amounts are available in the account.
(c)Regulations.—The Secretary of Defense shall prescribe regulations to carry out this section.
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