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§ 1101. Resource allocation methods: capitation or diagnosis-related groups
(a)Establishment of Capitation or DRG Method.—The Secretary of Defense, after consultation with the other administering Secretaries, shall establish by regulation the use of capitation or diagnosis-related groups as the primary criteria for allocation of resources to facilities of the uniformed services.
(b)Exception for Mobilization Missions.—Capitation or diagnosis-related groups shall not be used to allocate resources to the facilities of the uniformed services to the extent that such resources are required by such facilities for mobilization missions.
(c)Content of Regulations.—Such regulations may establish a system of diagnosis-related groups similar to the system established under section 1886(d)(4) of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1395ww(d)(4)). Such regulations may include the following:
(1) A classification of inpatient treatments by diagnosis-related groups and a similar classification of outpatient treatment.
(2) A methodology for classifying specific treatments within such groups.
(3) An appropriate weighting factor for each such diagnosis-related group which reflects the relative resources used by a facility of a uniformed service with respect to treatments classified within that group compared to treatments classified within other groups.
(4) An appropriate method for calculating or estimating the annual per capita costs of providing comprehensive health care services to members of the uniformed services on active duty and covered beneficiaries.
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