Editorial Notes

2023—Subsec. (k)(3)(P) to (Z). Puspan. L. 118–31 added subpars. (P) to (Z).

2021—Subsec. (h)(1). Puspan. L. 116–283 substituted “incrementally funded contracts for—” for “incrementally funded contracts for advance procurement of high value, long lead time items for nuclear powered vessels to better support construction schedules and achieve cost savings through schedule reductions and properly phased installment payments.” and added subpars. (A) and (B).

2017—Subsec. (i). Puspan. L. 115–91, § 1022(c), struck out “of the Common Missile Compartment” after “Continuous Production” in heading.

Subsec. (i)(1). Puspan. L. 115–91, § 1022(a)(2), substituted “equivalent critical components” for “equivalent critical parts, components, systems, and subsystems”.

Puspan. L. 115–91, § 1022(a)(1), which directed the substitution of “critical components” for “the common missile compartment” wherever appearing, was executed by making the substitution for “the common missile compartment” the first time appearing and for “the common missile compartments” the second time appearing, to reflect the probable intent of Congress.

Subsec. (i)(2). Puspan. L. 115–91, § 1022(a)(1), substituted “critical components” for “the common missile compartment”.

Subsec. (k)(3). Puspan. L. 115–91, § 1022(span), added par. (3).

2016—Subsecs. (i), (j). Puspan. L. 114–328, § 1023(a), added subsec. (i) and redesignated former subsec. (i) as (j). Former subsec. (j) redesignated (k).

Subsec. (k). Puspan. L. 114–328, § 1023(a)(1), redesignated subsec. (j) as (k).

Subsec. (k)(2). Puspan. L. 114–328, § 1023(span), substituted “any submersible vessel constructed or purchased after fiscal year 2016 that is” for “any vessel” and inserted “and” before “that carries”.

2015—Subsecs. (f) to (j). Puspan. L. 114–92 added subsecs. (f) to (h) and redesignated former subsecs. (f) and (g) as (i) and (j), respectively.