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§ 2556. Shelter for homeless; incidental services
(1) The Secretary of a military department may make military installations under his jurisdiction available for the furnishing of shelter to persons without adequate shelter. The Secretary may, incidental to the furnishing of such shelter, provide services as described in subsection (b). Shelter and incidental services provided under this section may be provided without reimbursement.
(2) The Secretary concerned shall carry out this section in cooperation with appropriate State and local governmental entities and charitable organizations. The Secretary shall, to the maximum extent practicable, use the services and personnel of such entities and organizations in determining to whom and the circumstances under which shelter is furnished under this section.
(b) Services that may be provided incident to the furnishing of shelter under this section are the following:
(1) Utilities.
(2) Bedding.
(3) Security.
(4) Transportation.
(5) Renovation of facilities.
(6) Minor repairs undertaken specifically to make suitable space available for shelter to be provided under this section.
(7) Property liability insurance.
(c) Shelter and incidental services may only be provided under this section to the extent that the Secretary concerned determines will not interfere with military preparedness or ongoing military functions.
(d) The Secretary concerned may provide bedding for support of shelters for the homeless that are operated by entities other than the Department of Defense. Bedding may be provided under this subsection without reimbursement, but may only be provided to the extent that the Secretary determines that the provision of such bedding will not interfere with military requirements.
(e) The Secretary of Defense shall prescribe regulations for the administration of this section.
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