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§ 2734b. Property loss; personal injury or death: incident to activities of armed forces of foreign countries in United States; international agreements
(a) When the United States is a party to an international agreement which provides for the settlement or adjudication by the United States under its laws and regulations, and subject to agreed pro rata reimbursement, of claims against another party to the agreement arising out of the acts or omissions of a member or civilian employee of an armed force of that party done in the performance of official duty, or arising out of any other act, omission, or occurrence for which that armed force is legally responsible under applicable United States law, and causing damage in the United States, or a territory, Commonwealth, or possession thereof; those claims may be prosecuted against the United States, or settled by the United States, in accordance with the agreement, as if the acts or omissions upon which they are based were the acts or omissions of a member or a civilian employee of an armed force of the United States.
(b) When a dispute arises in the settlement or adjudication of a claim under this section whether an act or omission was in the performance of official duty, or whether the use of a vehicle of the armed forces was authorized, the dispute shall be decided under the international agreement with the foreign country concerned. Such a decision is final and conclusive. The Secretary of Defense may pay that part of the cost of obtaining such a decision that is chargeable to the United States under that agreement.
(c) A claim arising out of an act of an enemy of the United States may not be considered or paid under this section.
(d) A payment under this section shall be made by the Secretary of Defense out of appropriations as provided in section 2732 of this title.
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