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§ 7032. The Army Staff: general duties
(a) The Army Staff shall furnish professional assistance to the Secretary, the Under Secretary, and the Assistant Secretaries of the Army and to the Chief of Staff of the Army.
(b) Under the authority, direction, and control of the Secretary of the Army, the Army Staff shall—
(1) subject to subsections (c) and (d) of section 7014 of this title, prepare for such employment of the Army, and for such recruiting, organizing, supplying, equipping (including those aspects of research and development assigned by the Secretary of the Army), training, servicing, mobilizing, demobilizing, administering, and maintaining of the Army, as will assist in the execution of any power, duty, or function of the Secretary or the Chief of Staff;
(2) investigate and report upon the efficiency of the Army and its preparation to support military operations by combatant commands;
(3) prepare detailed instructions for the execution of approved plans and supervise the execution of those plans and instructions;
(4) as directed by the Secretary or the Chief of Staff, coordinate the action of organizations of the Army; and
(5) perform such other duties, not otherwise assigned by law, as may be prescribed by the Secretary.
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