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§ 1701z–13. Solar energy for single-family and multifamily housing units
(a) Purpose

It is the purpose of this section to promote and extend the application of viable solar energy systems as a desirable source of energy for residential single-family and multifamily housing units.

(b) Cost-effective and economically feasible solar energy systems; “solar energy system” defined
(1) The Secretary, in carrying out programs and activities under section 1452b 1
1 See References in Text note below.
of title 42, section 1701q of this title, and section 1437f of title 42, shall permit the installation of solar energy systems which are cost-effective and economically feasible.
(2) For the purpose of this Act, the term “solar energy system” means any addition, alteration, or improvement to an existing or new structure which is designed to utilize wind energy or solar energy either of the active type based on mechanically forced energy transfer or of the passive type based on convective, conductive, or radiant energy transfer or some combination of these types to reduce the energy requirements of that structure from other energy sources, and which is in conformity with such criteria and standards as shall be prescribed by the Secretary in consultation with the Secretary of Energy.
(c) Matters considered

In carrying out subsection (b), the Secretary shall take such steps as may be necessary to encourage the installation of cost-effective and economically feasible solar energy systems in housing assisted under the programs and activities referred to in such subsection taking into account the interests of low-income homeowners and renters, including the implementation of a plan of action to publicize the availability and feasibility of solar energy systems to current or potential recipients of assistance under such programs and activities.

(d) Report to Congress
The Secretary shall, in conjunction with the Secretary of Energy, transmit to the Congress, within eighteen months after October 31, 1978, a report setting forth—
(1) the number of solar units which were contracted for or installed or which are on order under the provisions of subsection (b)(1) of this section during the first twelve full calendar months after October 31, 1978; and
(2) an analysis of any problems and benefits related to encouraging the use of solar energy systems in the programs and activities referred to in subsection (b).
(Pub. L. 95–557, title II, § 209, Oct. 31, 1978, 92 Stat. 2095; Pub. L. 98–479, title II, § 204(n)(3), Oct. 17, 1984, 98 Stat. 2234.)