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§ 1701z–6. Special housing need research and demonstration authority
(a) Special demonstrations of housing design, structure, facilities, and amenities to meet needs of elderly, handicapped, etc.; contracts, grants, and assistance by Secretary

In carrying out activities under section 1701z–1 of this title, the Secretary may undertake special demonstrations to determine the housing design, the housing structure, and the housing-related facilities, and amenities most effective or appropriate to meet the needs of groups with special housing needs including the elderly, the handicapped, the displaced, single individuals, broken families, and large households. For this purpose, the Secretary is authorized to enter into contracts with, to make grants to, and to provide other types of assistance to individuals and entities with special competence and knowledge to contribute to the planning, development, design, and management of such housing.

(b) Areas of preferential attention

In carrying out his functions under this section, the Secretary shall give preferential attention to demonstrations which in his judgment involve areas of housing user needs most neglected in past and current research and demonstration efforts.

(c) Utilization of contract and loan authority of federally assisted housing programs; setting aside of development, etc., requirements during testing

The Secretary is authorized to undertake demonstrations involving the actual planning, development, and occupancy of housing utilizing the contract and loan authority of any federally assisted housing program. He is also authorized to set aside any development, construction, design, and occupancy requirements, for the purposes of these demonstrations, if in his judgment they inhibit the testing of housing designed to meet the special housing needs.

(d) Evaluation of demonstration

In carrying out this section, the Secretary shall include, as part of any demonstration, an evaluation of the demonstration to cover the full experience involved in planning, development, and occupancy.

(e) Limitation on amounts available for research

In addition to any other contract or loan authority which the Secretary may utilize under subsection (c), not more than $10,000,000 from amounts approved in appropriation Acts shall be available for research under this section.

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