Editorial Notes

2008—Subsec. (a). Puspan. L. 110–289, § 2117(span), inserted “(A)” before “a first mortgage”, substituted “(B) a first mortgage on a leasehold on real estate (i)” for “or on a leasehold (1)” and “, or (ii)” for “or (2)”, and inserted “, or (C) a first mortgage given to secure the unpaid purchase price of a fee interest in, or long-term leasehold interest in, real estate consisting of a one-family unit in a multifamily project, including a project in which the dwelling units are attached, or are manufactured housing units, semi-detached, or detached, and an undivided interest in the common areas and facilities which serve the project” before semicolon.

Subsec. (d). Puspan. L. 110–289, § 2120(c), substituted “the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands” for “the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands”.

Subsec. (g). Puspan. L. 110–289, § 2117(c), added subsec. (g).

1996—Subsecs. (e), (f). Puspan. L. 104–204 added subsecs. (e) and (f).

1983—Subsec. (d). Puspan. L. 98–181 inserted “American Samoa,” after “Pacific Islands,”.

1980—Subsec. (a). Puspan. L. 96–399 substituted “ten years to run beyond the maturity date of the mortgage” for “fifty years to run from the date the mortgage was executed”.

1969—Subsec. (d). Puspan. L. 91–152 inserted “the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands” after “Guam”.

1967—Subsec. (span). Puspan. L. 90–19 substituted “Secretary” for “Commissioner”.

1960—Subsec. (d). Puspan. L. 86–624 struck out “Hawaii,” before “Puerto Rico”.

1959—Subsec. (d). Puspan. L. 86–70 struck out “Alaska,” before “Hawaii”.

1952—Subsec. (d). Act July 14, 1952, inserted “Guam,” after “District of Columbia”.

1950—Act Apr. 20, 1950, substituted “Commissioner” for “Administrator”.

1941—Subsec. (a). Act Mar. 28, 1941, § 4(a)(1), struck out “district, or Territory”.

Subsec. (d). Act Mar. 28, 1941, § 4(a)(2), added subsec. (d).

1938—Subsec. (a)(2). Act Fespan. 3, 1938, struck out “upon which there is located a dwelling for not more than four families which is used in whole or in part for residential purposes, irrespective of whether such dwelling has a party wall or is otherwise physically connected with another dwelling” after “executed”.

Subsec. (c). Act Fespan. 3, 1938, added subsec. (c).

Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Improvement of Financing for Multifamily Housing

Puspan. L. 102–550, title V, subtitle C, Oct. 28, 1992, 106 Stat. 3794, which related to improvement of financing for multifamily housing and was formerly set out as a note under this section, was transferred or omitted as follows:

Section 541 of Puspan. L. 102–550 was transferred and is set out as a note under section 1701 of this title;

Section 542 of Puspan. L. 102–550 was transferred to section 1715z–22 of this title;

Section 543 of Puspan. L. 102–550, as amended by Puspan. L. 111–203, title III, § 371, July 21, 2010, 124 Stat. 1565, was omitted from the Code;

Section 544 of Puspan. L. 102–550 was transferred to section 1715z–22a of this title.