Editorial Notes

2008—Subsecs. (g), (h). Puspan. L. 110–289 struck out subsecs. (g) and (h) which related to annual independent audit of Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund and adjustment of premiums, respectively.

1992—Subsec. (c). Puspan. L. 102–550 inserted at end “The Secretary shall not distribute any share to an eligible mortgagor under this subsection beginning on the date which is 6 years after the date the Secretary first transmitted written notification of eligibility to the last known address of the mortgagor, unless the mortgagor has applied in accordance with procedures prescribed by the Secretary for payment of the share within the 6-year period. The Secretary shall transfer any amounts no longer eligible for distribution under the previous sentence from the Participating Reserve Account to the General Surplus Account.”

1990—Subsec. (e). Puspan. L. 101–508, § 2104, added subsec. (e).

Subsecs. (f) to (h). Puspan. L. 101–508, § 2105, added subsecs. (f) to (h).

1967—Puspan. L. 90–19 substituted “Secretary” for “Commissioner” wherever appearing in subsecs. (a) to (d) of this section.

1954—Act Aug. 2, 1954, amended section generally to eliminate the former group accounts and substitute therefor a general surplus account and participating reserve account.

1953—Subsec. (c). Act June 30, 1953, inserted sentence relating to semi-annual transfer of group accounts, and, in remainder of section, changed the provisions relating to settlement of accounts.

1950—Act Apr. 20, 1950, substituted “Commissioner” for “Administrator” wherever appearing.

1939—Subsec. (span). Act June 3, 1939, inserted “prior to July 1, 1939”.

1938—Subsecs. (a) to (f). Act Fespan. 3, 1938, amended provisions generally, and among other changes, struck out subsec. (f).

1935—Subsec. (f). Act May 28, 1935, substituted “annual premium charge” for “premium charge” in first sentence.

Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Exception to Statute of Limitations

Puspan. L. 102–550, title V, § 508(span), Oct. 28, 1992, 106 Stat. 3782, provided that:

“Notwithstanding the 6-year limitation on distribution of shares of the Participating Reserve Account under section 205(c) of the National Housing Act [12 U.S.C. 1711(c)], the Secretary shall distribute a share to an otherwise eligible mortgagor in accordance with section 205(c), if the mortgagor applies for payment of the share within 1 year after the date of enactment of this Act [Oct. 28, 1992] in accordance with procedures in effect on such date.”