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§ 1761c.
Credit committee
Members; meetings; lines of credit and approval of loans; delegation to loan officers

If the bylaws provide for a credit committee, then pursuant to the provisions of the bylaws, the board of directors may appoint or the members may elect a credit committee which shall consist of an odd number of members of the credit union, but which shall not include more than one loan officer. The method used shall be set forth in the bylaws. The credit committee shall hold such meetings as the business of the Federal credit union may require, not less frequently than once a month, to consider applications for loans or lines of credit. Reasonable notice of such meetings shall be given to all members of the committee. Except for those loans or lines of credit required to be approved by the board of directors in section 1757(5) of this title, approval of an application shall be by majority of the committee who are present at the meeting at which it is considered provided that a majority of the full committee is present. The credit committee may appoint and delegate to loan officers the authority to approve applications.

Review and reversal of loan refusals; review by board in lieu of committee; limitation on disbursements by loan officers

If the bylaws provide for a credit committee, all applications not approved by the loan officer shall be reviewed by the credit committee, and the approval of a majority of the members who are present at the meeting when such review is undertaken shall be required to reverse the loan officer’s decision provided a majority of the full committee is present. If there is not a credit committee, a member shall have the right upon written request of review by the board of directors of a loan application which has been denied. No individual shall have authority to disburse funds of the Federal credit union with respect to any loan or line of credit for which the application has been approved by him in his capacity as a loan officer.

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