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§ 2603.
Uniform settlement statement
Disclosure for mortgage loan transactions

The Bureau shall publish a single, integrated disclosure for mortgage loan transactions (including real estate settlement cost statements) which includes the disclosure requirements of this section and section 2604 of this title, in conjunction with the disclosure requirements of the Truth in Lending Act [15 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.] that, taken together, may apply to a transaction that is subject to both or either provisions of law. The purpose of such model disclosure shall be to facilitate compliance with the disclosure requirements of this chapter 1

 See References in Text note below.
and the Truth in Lending Act, and to aid the borrower or lessee in understanding the transaction by utilizing readily understandable language to simplify the technical nature of the disclosures. Such forms shall conspicuously and clearly itemize all charges imposed upon the borrower and all charges imposed upon the seller in connection with the settlement and shall indicate whether any title insurance premium included in such charges covers or insures the lender’s interest in the property, the borrower’s interest, or both. The Bureau may, by regulation, permit the deletion from the forms prescribed under this section of items which are not, under local laws or customs, applicable in any locality, except that such regulation shall require that the numerical code prescribed by the Bureau be retained in forms to be used in all localities. Nothing in this section may be construed to require that that part of the standard forms which relates to the borrower’s transaction be furnished to the seller, or to require that that part of the standard forms which relates to the seller be furnished to the borrower.

Availability for inspection; exceptions

The forms prescribed under this section shall be completed and made available for inspection by the borrower at or before settlement by the person conducting the settlement, except that (1) the Bureau may exempt from the requirements of this section settlements occurring in localities where the final settlement statement is not customarily provided at or before the date of settlement, or settlements where such requirements are impractical and (2) the borrower may, in accordance with regulations of the Bureau, waive his right to have the forms made available at such time. Upon the request of the borrower to inspect the forms prescribed under this section during the business day immediately preceding the day of settlement, the person who will conduct the settlement shall permit the borrower to inspect those items which are known to such person during such preceding day.

Disclosure of fees
The standard form described in subsection (a) may include, in the case of an appraisal coordinated by an appraisal management company (as such term is defined in section 3350(11) of this title), a clear disclosure of—
the fee paid directly to the appraiser by such company; and
the administration fee charged by such company.
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